This particular feed system is purposely designed with future retooling capability in mind. If at any time in the future, this system becomes obsolete because the weld nut has changed; or if you need to move it to a different application and feed a different weld nut, MTS can accommodate you. This system can easily be retooled, at our facility, for approximately of the new cost. This feature can generate a substantial savings down the road. Naturally, a brand new warranty will be given with the "newly" refurbished system. The WNS-106 feed system is offered for weld nuts, but can easily be adapted to feed, virtually any type of small parts for automated assembly operations. Most assembly operation feed rates can be met with this system. The basic system is sold as a single discharge and blow, but we can incorporate as many as four discharge points, without affecting the physical size of the unit. The MTS single action part escapement that is used, is a unique, rugged, and reliable mechanism that utilizes only one moving part. It has been designed for long term and trouble free operation. Oriented parts are escaped and blown through flexible feed tubing to the station for assembly. All potential wear points are heat treated, hard chromed, or made of wear resistant materials.