The MTS weld nut placement unit can be a valuable addition to any welding station. This unit, upon demand, will automatically load the oriented weld nut onto the lower electrode. This prevents an operator from inadvertently loading the nut upside down. All potential wear points of this model are either, hardened steel, or 300 series stainless steel. All components are plated, or of non-ferrous material, for improved appearance, and to help prevent component corrosion. This unit can be tooled to place the nut with the projections, either up or down. Supplied, is an adjustable 3 axis mounting stand. It may be mounted from virtually any weld station point. The APU-100B is an economical, yet rugged and reliable, unit that is designed for consistent and trouble free operation. This placement unit, along with the MTS weld nut feed system, has become the preferred combination of choice throughout the automotive industry. We have written documentation, and nothing but satisfied customers, to attest to the reliability and performance of this "FIELD PROVEN" placement unit.